Do governmental and non-governmental organizations keep sight of reality?

The number of explosive detection dogs has increased enormously. Many security companies and governmental organizations have been and still are purchasing detection dogs. That is not so strange looking at all the terrorist attacks over the last years.

One of the goals of terrorists is to harm society. This group will do everything to be successful. Therefore, it is important that organizations working with detection dogs keep sight of reality. With ‘reality’ is meant ‘real life situations’. It is the responsibility of training centers (governmental and non-governmental) and the purchasing organizations to keep sight of reality.

But do they?

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How to select the right detection dog training institute?

The quality of training and education of the detection dog and its handler are crucial for their success.

To select the right detection dog training institute, the following questions should be asked:

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Why are maintenance courses for detection dogs and handlers so important?

This is a frequently asked question. Followed by: the detection dog and its handler have had the training and pasted the exams, is that not enough? Or, our dog handlers train with the dog themselves.

An example to clarify: driving, after getting your driving license.

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