How to select the right detection dog training institute?

The quality of training and education of the detection dog and its handler are crucial for their success.

To select the right detection dog training institute, the following questions should be asked:

Training Institute:

– Do they train only detection dogs, or also the dog handlers?

– Where do they train?

– At what kind of locations do they train?

– Under what kind of conditions do they train?

– Is the training focused on reality?

– Do they have all the licenses? (for example: to hold explosives)

– Are they able to show references?

– Who developed the training programs?

– Do they offer quality control programs?

– What do you get for the price they ask?


–  Does the instructor have the right papers? (be aware of the ‘hobby-bobbies’)

–  What experience does the instructor have?

–  What is his/ her background?


– On how many odors will the dog be trained?

– Are this basic odors or composed odors? (important!)

– How is the detection dog selected?

– How long does the training of a detection dog take?

– Is there a test at the end?

– Is the dog medically tested?

– Does the dog have its vaccinations?

– Is the dog chipped?

– Does the number of the chip correspond with the number on the X-ray?


– How does the training course for the dog handler looks like?

– Does the dog handler have to do exams?

– Who is the examiner?

Do good research before selecting a detection dog training institute. Remember that price should be secondary to quality, especially in the field of explosive and mine detection.

The final question is for you. Do you allow your organization to do concessions, or does your organization go for the highest quality available and thus for safety?

It is not about us, it is about THEM. THEM is the society.

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